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  • Training AI technology to generate Automatic Speech Recognition in the form of transcripts and closed captioning.

Your search for the best webcasting and transcription solution ends with Sliq Media Technologies


The Harmony Hub is our turnkey solution that enables governments and sitting bodies to create an official record of audio and video recordings. The platform runs through a service-oriented architecture in the cloud to digitally record, stream and publish audio, video, and transcription. Our proven solution automates the ingestion, publication, and management of massive volumes of content to share to desktop and mobile devices used by stakeholders and constituents worldwide.

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Webcasting: Live and On-Demand

The Harmony Hub platform seamlessly streams and records audio and video to mobile and fixed clients. Finding content is a breeze through our web-based program guide and both live and on-demand access to a vast variety of devices is standard. Indexes can be added manually, imported or piped in programmatically from existing systems to take full advantage of existing data.

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As an optional part of our Harmony Hub solution, we provide tools for producing written journals. Journals can be as simple, such as traditional minutes in an agenda format, or complex, in the form of verbatim transcripts produced by a team using our SliqScribe workflow accelerator. Harmony Hub seamlessly links the journals to the corresponding video content clips during publishing for simple and powerful indexed points. Now long clips of content are easily searchable by key points.

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White Glove Service

Our pre-and post-sales service includes a dedicated representative who knows your account and environment inside and out. We have precise SLAs and escalation processes to have a helping hand available if needed. We measure performance through service reviews and performance data — we'd love to show you why we're in the top percentile.

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